Het moment dat de kittens naar hun nieuwe eigenaren gaan

It will kill me to say goodbye to my babies. They are all going home
VERY shortly. All of Dreamys kids, but one, will be gone within the week
and I am already really sad about it. They are so very much like my
children, and they all have such defined and individual personalities.

Blossom is so sweet and gentle, will sit for an hour on your chest and
just stare at you or lick your nose.
Lightening is the loudmouth, can tell his voice from every other so
clear and demands you pay him attention
April is such a loving sweetheart, very calm but very interested in
Thunder is affectionate, and will be all over anyone that lets him get
near them
Violet is a trouble maker, loves to be everywhere she isn’t supposed to
be and then will taunt you to come get her
Zorro is the big boy, first to try everything, and by far the most
loving cat I have seen

I can identify voices, how their jingles jingle, and even the way they
walk on me with my eyes closed now. I know who will be the first to run
out of a door, who will get to the toilet paper rolls if you leave them
out. So unique, so special, such a wonderful blessing from God. How did
they get so big so fast? When was it that they learned they could leap
so high and so far? How did they get to be so dang fast?

These kittens have never known a stranger in that they will go to anyone
and love on everyone. We just moved into our big, brand new home last
Saturday and they had zero problems adjusting to it. Nothing fazes them.
No one is shy or reserved by any means. They will come to you when they hear your voice, love to play in water, all are perfectly happy to ride on your shoulder, everyone uses the litter box faithfully and have had
zero accidents. Not one has had so much as a runny nose or stool, they
are in perfect health. They are all so beautiful with wonderful type and
coat and color. I could not have asked for a better mama cat and (I can
brag a little about daddy) RW SGC Drinkwater Derringer is a wonderful
daddy and will love on the babies whenever he gets the chance. These
little fur balls all purr like crazy, will sleep under your chin and can
bound over tall buildings. They love all the other cats running around
our home and the other cats all look out for them. They are forever a
part of us and our lives have been changed for the better because of
them. My wife, son and I love going to shows, love the friends we have
made, all because of this wonderful breed. The wonderful part of
breeding is that you can look into their beautiful eyes and see what you
have been a part of creating. They are the epitome of love and beauty on
four paws. Not every litter can be perfect, or go so well, but this one
sure did (with the exception of the emergency vet visit at delivery
where everything ended up great with no problems)

In just a few minutes they are being picked up to go get spayed and
neutered and have microchips put in. (my vet picks up and delivers and
does most things right here in the house so my babies don’t have to ever
go to the vets) I must say that I believe in ESN because I don’t want
anyone to ever breed one of my fur children without me knowing they will
have a life where they are cared for in the best possible way. I want to
have the S/N done where I can take care of them for the few days of
recovery so that I know that everything is going to be fine. If there are issues I don’t want the new owners to be the ones who have to deal
with it.

This will be a hard week for us all 🙁

We will still have the little ones from Reignys litter and are holding
onto one girl until July (till her two foot returns from vacation) but
the house will sure grow quiet and we will all cry. But they will have
good lives, with good people. I just always wonder, will they love them
as much as I do? I sure hope so, they are very special angels and they
deserve the very best.

Thank you all for letting me ramble and share. And thank you for all
your support and friendship.

Mark Pennington

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